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Nature~Human is a wood-based-product company aimed at offering high-quality, fairly-priced, unique and functional pieces of art. We view ourselves as working side by side with nature’s creativity to seamlessly incorporate human innovation with nature’s raw beauty. As a thank you to nature, a portion of profits will be withheld for planting new trees in addition to upcycling and recycling wood where possible.We view ourselves not only as vendors but as partners and friends with our customers, our community and our environment.

Nature~Human is out to show that life-enhancing design doesn’t have to come from big factories or require a lot of materials. We want to provide you great products for a fair price that goes towards saying thanks to nature for the materials and to the workers for their beautiful minds and efforts.

Driftwood docks, driftwood lamps, piecework stools, succulent pods…and many more to come!


Driftwood Docking Stations • Seasonal Work • Succulent Blocks

    • Fully functional charging and holding station for your mobile device(s). Made one-of-a-kind first by nature, and shaped for a function second by humans.
    • Phone Dock
    • Charging Station

    Driftwood Dock

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    Seasonal Specials

    • Furniture
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    • Easy-Care Plants/Pets (which ever you call them)
    • Fresh-Air Makers
    • One-of-a-Kind
    • Who doesnt love the little guys

    Succulent Blocks


At Nature ~Human Creations the people behind the sawdust clouds and hashtags are just as important to the process as Mother Nature herself. We came together out of similar passions and inner-drives. The desire for a cleaner world—less waste and more responsibility. The desire for individuality—less average, more whoa. The desire for creation—less 9-5 grind, more old fashioned self-made entrepreneurship.